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The Iowa Distance Learning Association has had two major awards in the past.  We are suspending the awards for the current year.  We will revisit their reinstatement in the coming year. 

Award winners normally receive a trophy, are recognized on our web site and are invited to do a presentation to our members at the following symposium.

IDLA Points of Presence Award

This award is to be given to individuals or organizations for specific, outstanding distance education programs and initiatives serving learners within (but not limited to) Iowa. POP Awards celebrate excellence in program design and implementation, and its impact on learners and their community.

Entries for awards in this category may be submitted by individuals or organizations on behalf of distance education programs that the submitting parties have sponsored, designed, or delivered.

Categories: one award may be given out in each category

  • K-12 education
  • Higher education
  • Corporate training and education
  • Telemedicine and military training and development.

Entries may include individual events or ongoing programs. Applicants may apply for only one category for each program.   Expecting to give out two awards this year between the four categories.


  • Program must have been initiated during the previous calendar year.
  • Program must have been developed and provided by an organization or party within Iowa. (Materials used in this program may have been developed by parties outside Iowa if the primary delivery, instruction, and administration of the program was provided by a party within Iowa.)
  • The program must have been designed to serve (but not limited to) learners within Iowa.

Selection Criteria for award recipients are

  • Innovative or effective design of learning experiences through distance education.
  • Positive impact on learners in the State of Iowa.
  • Service to groups or students under served by traditional educational opportunities.
  • Model for other programs or expanded application in Iowa or nationally.
  • Emphasis of collaborative, group, and experiential learning activities and methodologies.
  • Contribution to the quality of life, workforce, and community in the state of Iowa.

To Apply

In three pages or less, using the following headings, please outline and describe your distance education program:

  • Category: (i.e. K-12, higher education, telemedicine, military or corporate).
  • Description of Program and time period.
  • Principle individual(s) in program development and delivery.
  • Program design, objectives/purpose and delivery mode (s).
  • Description of target learners.
  • Evaluation and outcomes.

E-mail nominations to the IDLA President (

Supporting Materials:

You may submit supporting materials that illustrate the success and effectiveness of the distance learning program. Please use the following guidelines to keep supporting materials representative of the program, yet manageable for the judges. Supporting materials may not be returned.

  • Documents: no more than ten pages of document materials supporting the program.
  • Video: DVD only. No more than 30 minutes of representative material for the program.
  • Web pages: Include a printout of the top level page for any websites included as part of the program - include a URL for easy access.
  • CD-Rom: If the program was delivered on CD-ROM, please include one copy of the CD-ROM with application. 
  • Other materials: If the distance learning program involved the use of other delivery media, include representative samples as appropriate.

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